WordPress Custom Sidebar

WordPress Custom SidebarWith this plugin you can edit sidebars like posts in admin area and assign them from a dropdown menu to any post or page. It supports flexible dropping via widget for independent theme association.

It’s a matter of fact that people don’t want to code when they just want to change their contents. To keep a website interesting for visitors you can change the sidebars contents in context to the main content. Before you could realize it with different sidebar templates or conditional tags. Now you can do all this great things inside the admin area without any coding.
Any anyway: Since we organize informations in databases all contents should be stored there, too.
WordPress Custom Sidebar


  • Own meta box on post/page edit pages
  • Own menu item in admin menu
  • Full editable sidebars like posts
  • Assign sidebars from dropdown menu
  • Flexible widget support
  • No coding needed
  • Localization in English and German
  • Multiple widget support
  • better query function

WordPress Custom Sidebar 2.3ƒ (wordpress-custom-sidebar.zip)
(only for WordPress 3.0+)

Note: First drop the widget in the sidebar of your choice. Do not delete or rename the Default Sidebar because it will be called when no entry matchs.

Wordpress Custom Sidebar - Screenshot 1 Wordpress Custom Sidebar - Screenshot 2 Wordpress Custom Sidebar - Screenshot 3

Version 2.1: Widget theme style support
Version 2.0: Localization, multiple widget support, functional updates
Version 1.9: Update of two functions, third screenshot
Version 1.8: Optimized code an better description
Version 1.7: Adding default sidebar entry with dummy text
Version 1.6: Optimized code and ‚Create new sidebar‘ link
Version 1.5: meta box with dropdown menu for sidebar assignment
Version 1.4: register_sidebar_widget replaced with wp_register_sidebar_widget
Version 1.3: Adding widget support
Version 1.2: Optimized code and icon for sidebar post type
Version 1.1: Register own post type for sidebars
Version 1.0: Basic functionality with conditional tags

Weiterführende Informationen
WordPress.org Plugin Directory – WordPress Custom Sidebar
Softpedia Webscripts – WordPress Custom Sidebar
Designstudio, Philipp Speck – WordPress Meta Description
Designstudio, Philipp Speck – WordPress Meta Robots

6 Responses to WordPress Custom Sidebar

  1. added and activated plugin
    added sidebar, name = member sidebar
    on member home page, changed sidebar from default sidebar to member sidebar
    added custom sidebar to widget search/archive right sidebar
    ??? message = There are no options for this widget.
    I need to know how to add a „custom menu“ to the custom sidebar.
    Any ideas?
    Recht schoen dank

  2. shawn:

    I loved this plugin and used it often but it has some bugs with WP4.0 and I can’t get it to work.. Is there an updated version? thanks so much

  3. RafagaWeb:

    This plugin stopped working properly with the recent upgrade of wordpress 4.2.2, some solution?

    • @RafagaWeb: I have WordPress 4.2.2 installed on all of my blogs and have no issues. Please check, I it’s caused by another plugin, which is perhaps in conflict with mine.

  4. There is a bug in your plugin when running more current versions of php – Strict Standards: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, non-static method wp_custom_sidebar_plugin::plugin_header() should not be called statically in /srv/www/darlington/htdocs/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 496.

    In line #159 of your plugin – change parent::WP_Widget to $this->__construct – this should correctly call the WP_Widget constructor (i.e. we are at PHP 5.2 at least for a minium)

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