WordPress Media Tags

With this plugin you can tag media contents in library or during upload.

If you ever wanted to tag your media contents in WordPress, now you can. Tags can provide a comprehensive organization of different medias from different posts. Each tag is working like an own group. Medias with the same tags can be filtered by clicking on their tag names inside the media library. This helps you to organize a large amount of medias and even more: With a shortcode you can display all medias from a specific tag.


  • Ability to tag media contents
  • Separate taxonomy for media tags
  • Displaying tags in library
  • Extra field for media tags during upload
  • Shortcode support
  • Localization in English and German
  • No coding needed


To display all images which have a tag named ‚Flowers‘ you can manually add the following shortcode in HTML view: [mediatag name="flowers" size="thumbnail"]

(string) The name of the tag
thumbnail (default 150px x 150px max)
medium (default 300px x 300px max)
large (default 640px x 640px max)
full (original resolution)

If you want to add all medias from a specific tag in your template use this code:
<?php if (class_exists('wp_media_tags_plugin')) { print wp_media_tags_plugin::media_tags_query('flowers', 'thumbnail'); }?>

Instead of thumbnail you can use the thumbnail sizes like above.

WordPress Media Tags 1.5ƒ (wordpress-media-tags.1.5.zip)
(only for WordPress 3.5+)

Note: Before installing or upgrading new plugins, please backup your database first!

Version 1.2: Fix for the new Media Manager in WordPress 3.5
Version 1.1: Solving bug with shortcode output
Version 1.0: Basic functionality with shortcode support

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