WordPress Meta Description

This plugin will give you the ability to use the excerpt as meta description for any post or page. From now you are able to control the description of your site which will be displayed on the search engine results pages. By activation the plugin enables the excerpt for static edit pages in admin area.

WordPress Meta Description


  • adding excerpt for pages
  • doesn’t add code if excerpt is empty
  • removes HTML tags from excerpt
  • automatically shorten of long descriptions

There are several ways to install a plugin in WordPress. For newbies this way is highly recommended:

  • Navigate to ‚Add New‘ under ‚Plugins‘ menu in admin area
  • Upload or choose wp-meta-description.zip from ‚Install Plugins‘
  • Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

For correct working make sure that your site visibility isn’t blocked. You can find this option under ‘Privacy’ in ‘Settings’ menu. Prevent to intall more than one plugin for the same task. Prevent double entries in the header and values which are in conflict to each other.

WordPress Meta Description 1.5ƒ (wordpress-meta-description.1.5.zip)
(only for WordPress 3.1+)

Note: Before installing or upgrading new plugins, please backup your database first!


  • Version 1.4: adding function for cutting string
  • Version 1.3: strip_tags for preventing display problems
  • Version 1.2: post_type_support instead of add_meta_box
  • Version 1.1: No output if the excerpt is empty
  • Version 1.0: Basic functionality

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