WordPress Meta Keywords

WordPress Meta Keywords
This plugin for WordPress gives you the ability to use Tags as Meta Keywords. It will also activate post tags for static pages. In the next release it will register a own taxonomy for using keywords inside pages.

I like the idea to use tags as meta keywords in the header. Today’s search engines don’t use meta keywords as a criteria at all, but who knows for what they will be good in future ;)
For me tagging is a need to bring pages in relation and gives me the possibility to save my tags redundant in the database.


  • Adding Keywords for static pages
  • Automatically adding code in head section

WordPress Meta Keywords 1.4ƒ (wordpress-meta-keywords.1.4.zip)
(only for WordPress 3.0+)

Note: If you are going to display tags in link form it will not reveal pages. This kind of use is only reserved to posts.

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